Project Description
COVID-19 have disrupted our exercise habits with people working remotely and staying at home all the time. A lot of sports require a court to play/practice so some of our daily exercises are put into halt. Not only everyday people like us, but professional athletes are suffering as well. Their inability to go out to practice forbids them to stay in shape and rusts their skills. Therefore, we propose a system, where we can combine virtual reality (VR) to help table tennis athletes as well as amateurs to train like a pro for any sports and people can learn new moves, practice different game scenarios and use data analysis to improve their game at home. We designed a system where coaches can create sessions with prerecorded videos, inertial measurement unit (IMU) poses and racket positions data. Users can follow the recordings and visualize them in VR or a website for sharing and analyzing.
Keywords: Immersive Training, Immersive Analytics, Situated Analytics, Virtual Reality, Data Visualization
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